QuibiQUIBI is an international pharmaceutical company with over 70 years of continuous success, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing a wide variety of products for human consumption, including sterile and non-sterile, antibiotics in different forms, solids, I.V feeding bags, peritoneal dialysis, and much more. We also manufacture products for veterinary use, meeting or exceeding the highest standards of international quality.QUIBI is a team of professionals determined to work under the strictest compliance of the international pharmacopeia, meeting the highest scientific rigor.
Misión QuibiDeveloping, manufacturing, and commercializing pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use, to contribute to improve the health and welfare of communities around the world.Offering contract manufacturing and a variety of services to the Pharmaceutical Industry at home and intenationally, meeting the highest standards of quility and with the most rogorous diligence.
Visión QuibiQUIBI will consolidate its standing within the international pharmaceutical industry be means of enlarging its market participation, bolstering its image of the finest quality in contract manufacturing and pharmaceutical services, and its strength in marketing, commercializing, and distributing medicines and medical devises as well.